OTN Appreciation Day: Programmatically Dismiss Popup

A couple of years ago I blogged about fading user feedback.  Also Duncan Mills had a solution for this, as did Frank Nimphius.

Just recently I was triggered by a blogpost of Shay Schmeltzer that in ADF this can be done completely different and 100% declarative. Where Shay's example is declarative, in this blogpost I describe how to do the same when this popup is created programmatically.

To explain this, first of all I need to show you how to invoke a popup programmatically. In order to do this we need to have a popup component defined on the page. To have access to the popup in java code, we need to bind the popup to a managed bean:

1:        <af:popup id="p1" animate="true"  binding="#{backingBeanScope.utilBean.dismissablePopup}" >  
2:        <af:panelGroupLayout id="pg1" layout="horizontal" halign="center" styleClass="AFStretchWidth">  
3:            <af:image source="#{resource['images:qual_approved_32_full.png']}" id="i1"/>  
4:            <af:outputFormatted value="I will dissappear in #{backingBeanScope.utilBean.seconds} seconds" id="of1"/>  
5:          </af:panelGroupLayout>  
6:        </af:popup>  

This managed bean (in backing bean scope) contains also the code to invoke the popup. This code is called by a couple of different buttons. Just for the sake of this example, I created 3 buttons that will show the popup for 1,2 or 3 seconds respectively. In a real life scenario, you would typically set the value based on, for instance, message severity, or maybe use some kind of user preference. Anyway, the buttons are on the page and call out to these methods in our managed bean.

1:              <af:gridRow marginTop="5px" height="auto" id="gr2">  
2:                <af:gridCell marginStart="5px" width="34%" id="gc4">  
3:                  <af:button text="Show Popup 1 second" id="b1"  
4:                        actionListener="#{backingBeanScope.utilBean.ShowPopupOneSeconds}"/>  
5:                </af:gridCell>  
6:                <af:gridCell marginStart="5px" width="33%" id="gc5">  
7:                  <af:button text="Show Popup 2 seconds" id="b2"  
8:                        actionListener="#{backingBeanScope.utilBean.ShowPopupTwoSeconds}"/>  
9:                </af:gridCell>  
10:                <af:gridCell marginStart="5px" width="33%" marginEnd="5px" id="gc6">  
11:                  <af:button text="Show Popup 3 seconds" id="b3"  
12:                        actionListener="#{backingBeanScope.utilBean.ShowPopupThreeSeconds}"/>  
13:                </af:gridCell>  
14:              </af:gridRow>  

In the managed bean, there are the 3 methods that are called by the buttons. In these beans, a member variable is used to set and hold the number of seconds that it takes before the popup disappears. It is very simple actually. There are 3 like the one below:

1:    public void ShowPopupOneSeconds(ActionEvent actionEvent) {  
2:      setSeconds(1);  
3:      ShowPopup();  
4:    }  

Finally, in the showPopup method, all is put together, so the popup will show, and after that, automatically disappear after the expected number of seconds:

1:    public void ShowPopup() {  
2:         RichPopup.PopupHints hints = new RichPopup.PopupHints();         
3:         this.getDismissablePopup().setAutoDismissalTimeout(this.seconds);        
4:         this.getDismissablePopup().show(hints);     
5:     }  

That is all. As of ADF it is indeed very simple to make a popup disappear after some time.

Note: This blogpost is written as part of the OTN Appreciation Day Global Initiative. Thanks to all people at Oracle Technology Network, and the Oracle ACE Program for all the valuable work you do, and for helping the Oracle Community around the world to do their work.


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