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ADF 11g : Adding close this / close others / close all to the UIShell

During one of my presentations at ODTUG KScope12 in San Antonio I showed how to add a menu with close this / close others / close all to the UIShell. This pattern is very common throughout modern browsers and other programs that use any kind of tabbed navigation.

Even JDeveloper itself uses this functionality. In this post I'll describe how to add this functionality to the UIShell.

The UI Shell.
The UIShell used in this post is not the UIShell that can be downloaded from Oracle OTN. There are several reasons why I do not use this particular UIShell, but the main reason is that it is not state safe. The UI Shell that I use, is the one that is available on
With that UI Shell it is actually very simple to implement this pattern.

The Menu Itself
The menu is implemented in a popup, containing a menu component woth nested commandmenuitems. These items are responsible for either close this, close all and close others. When …