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Presentations and Publications

This page hosts a list of my publications.

Presentations 2016 - English

Presentations 2015 - English

Dec 9: UKOUG Tech 2015 - Enterprise Use Cases for Internet of Things

Presentations 2014 - English
November 18th,19th ,26th  OTN Virtual Technology Summit: Reaching out from Oracle MAF
November 12th: OgH Data Visualization Special : Part I  ,   Part II ,  Part III
June 23 : ODTUG KScope14 : Reaching Out from ADF Mobile
June 23 : ODTUG KScope14 : 2 Hour THURSDAY DEEP DIVE: Real-Life ADF Mobile: Things You Don't Learn from the Developer's Guide Live Demo – no slides
June 6th: DOAG Webinar : ADF Mobile : Push Notifications
May 20th-22nd : AMIS Enterprise Mobility Conference : Mobile First; Oracle ADF Mobile Framework
April 9th : IOUG Collaborate14  :Real Life ADF Mobile: Things You Don't Learn From the Dev Guide
March 18th : AMIS UX Event : Oracle and Mobile; From Design to Device
Presentations 2013 - English  
18-nov: Oracle Virtual Developer Days :ADF Mobile ; Best Practices  
5-jul : OgH Session :ADF Mobile; Real Life stories
26-mar: OBUG Connect Conference: Real Life Forms To ADF
Presentations 2012 - English   03-dec: UKOUG-12: “Providing a Multi-Platform Mobile Solution with Oracle ADF Mobile” 03-dec: UKOUG-12: “Survival of the Fittest: How to Evolve Your Oracle Forms to the 21st Century” 29-nov: OgH Oracle goes Mobile event: “ADF Mobile Devlopment with Jdeveloper and ADF” 22-nov: OBUG Open World Debrief Session: “ADF news at Oracle Open World”  20-nov: Oracle NL: Social,Mobile,Cloud: “Enterprise Mobility and introduction of ADF Mobile” 12-nov: AMIS ADF Mobile Launch : “ADF Mobile Devlopment Presentation and Hands on”  30-sep: Open World: “UGF10464 - Oracle FMW Live Application Development Demo”  30-sep: Open World: “UGF10374 - Mobile Development with Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF ” 27-jun: ODTUG KScope12: “How to Bring Common UI Patterns to ADF”  25-jun: ODTUG KScope12: “An ADF Special Report”  24-apr: OBUG Connect:“Providing a multi platform mobile solution with Oracle ADF Mobile”      Publications 2012 - English Jun 2012 : Article - San Antonia Facts and Figures - ADF DVT (ODTUG Technical Journal)
Publications 2011 - Dutch  Nov 2011 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : tbd  Nov 2011 : Article - Visual Skin Editor (Optimize Magazine) :  Okt 2011 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : tbd  Okt 2011 : Article - Real Life ADF (Optimize Magazine) : Customer Case  Sep 2011 : Article - ADF for JEE developers (Java Magazine) : ADF explained  Sep 2011 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : ADF Visual skin editor  Jun 2011 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : ADF and Excel   Mar 2011 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : ADF Mobile Browser  Feb 2011 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : In de trein met ADF     Presentations 2011 - English  00-nov-2011 : Free ODTUG Webinar : The Visual Skin Editor  20-sep-2011 : Free ODTUG Webinar : Reaching out from ADF  29-jun-2011 : ODTUG KScope 11 : .... And Thus Your Forms "automagically" Disappear  28-jun-2011 : ODTUG KScope 11 : ADF Developers - Make the Database Work for You  28-jun-2011 : ODTUG KScope 11 : ADF DVT - A Picture Paint a Thousand Words  29-mar-2011 : Oracle Benelux User Group Conference : How BOL.COM benefited from ADF     Publications 2010 - Dutch  Nov 2010 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : Taarten bakken met ADF DVT   Sep 2010 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : Introductie in ADF Drag and Drop   Aug 2010 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : ADF Layout components   Jun 2010 : Article - Book Review (Optimize Magazine) : Oracle Fusion Developer Guide  Jun 2010 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : Javascript in ADF Faces  Mar 2010 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : Groovy in ADF BC   Feb 2010 : Column - ADF @ WORK (Optimize Magazine) : Gebruik van ADF view criteria     Publications 2010 - English   May 2010 : Article (Oracle OTN) : Developing ADF Applications for the Blackberry Smartphone    Presentations 2010     Publications 2009 - Dutch   Jan 2009 : Article (OGH Visie) : Introducing ADF 11g    Publications 2009 - English  Jun 2009 : Article (DOAG Magazine) : ADF 11g Data Visualization Tools     Presentations 2009     Publications 2008 - Dutch  Jun 2008 : Article (Optimize Magazine) : ADF 11g Data Visualization Tools     Presentations 2008

Popular posts from this blog

How to: Adding Speech to Oracle Digital Assistant; Talk to me Goose

At Oracle Code One in October, and also on DOAG in Nurnberg Germany in November I presented on how to go beyond your regular chatbot. This presentation contained a part on exposing your Oracle Digital Assistant over Alexa and also a part on face recognition. I finally found the time to blog about it. In this blogpost I will share details of the Alexa implementation in this solution.
Typically there are 3 area's of interest which I will explain. Webhook Code to enable communication between Alexa and Oracle Digital AssistantAlexaDigital Assistant (DA) Explaining the Webhook Code The overall setup contains of Alexa, a NodeJS webhook and an Oracle Digital Assistant.
The webhook code will be responsible for receiving and transforming the JSON payload from the Alexa request. The transformed will be sent to a webhook configured on Oracle DA. The DA will send its response back to the webhook, which will transform into a format that can be used by an Alexa device. To code exposes two REST …

How to use node-red to interact with twitter

Recently I had to setup an application that was able to read twitter and, based on some predefined keywords,  had to reply to specific tweets. I decided to have a look at node-red to set this stuff up. It proofed to be rather straightforward and easy to implement. The hardest part was to get approval for a twitter developer account. In this post I describe how I used node-red and how I implemented the interaction with twitter.
What is node-red, and how to use it? Node-RED  ( is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. It provides a browser-based editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range of nodes in the palette that can be deployed to its runtime in a single-click.  You can use node-RED in many ways, but for the purpose of this demo I decided to run it in a docker image. I used the way described here (, as this is a no…

ADF 11g Quicky 3 : Adding Error, Info and Warning messages

How can we add a message programatically ? Last week I got this question for the second time in a months time. I decided to write a short blogpost on how this works.

Adding messages is very easy, you just need to know how it works.
You can add a message to your faces context by creating a new FacesMessage. Set the severity (ERROR, WARNING, INFO or FATAL ), set the message text, and if nessecary a message detail. The fragment below shows the code for an ERROR message.

1: public void setMessagesErr(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
2: String msg = "This is a message";
3: AdfFacesContext adfFacesContext = null;
4: adfFacesContext = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
5: FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
6: FacesMessage fm =
7: new FacesMessage(FacesMessage.SEVERITY_ERROR, msg, "");
8: ctx.addMessage(null, fm);
9: }

I created a simple page with a couple of buttons to show the result of setting the message. When the butto…