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Showing posts from August, 2006

Sizing buttons

Did you ever wish all your buttons had the same size ? Well, here the solution. If you don't do anything, buttons will be sized based on the label/text that they have.

If you apply this code to your skin.css it will be better

command.button, input.button, button { width: 90pt; }

More solutions to come.......

Back again

After a long hot summer I'm back again. Next couple of weeks there will be a lot off new tips and tricks on this weblog. Some of them derived from other weblogs, some of them I found out myself with some help of my colleages. In short, there will be a lot of funny stuff about JDeveloper and ADF Faces.

In the meanwhile feel free to try this at home.......
Try to select the current row in an ADF select one Table by clicking in one of the cells....Try to export your table to a csv or excel whitout coding for a week or two....