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ADF 11g inputNumberSpinbox: Changing Value When Value is Null

This post is a short one, however, it is useful. When you use a Spinbox to change and display values, you might encounter a problem when the Spinbox' value is empty (or Null).

I used the Employees table in the HR Schema for this example.
Created ADF BC for this, and dropped the collection as an ADF Form an a simple page.
I converted the commission inputText component to an inputNumberSpinbox and set stepSize="0.1".

You can click whatever you want but the Spinbox just doesn't work for NULL values.

One of the options you have, is to enter a value in the Spinbox by just typing it.

A somewhat more elegant solution is the use of javascript.
For this I add a client Listener to the Spinbox.

The clientListener invokes a javascript function as soon as the Spinbox gets focus. Whenever the value is NULL, it will set the value to ZERO. The Spinbox now knows what to do.

<af:document id="d1">
<af:resource type="javascript">
function initSp…