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Changing appearances.

Lately I've been working on an application that can serve offices in different countries. So what I hear you say.........I do that every day.............use the 'locale.language', use a bundle and be happy ;-) Ok, I know that, but I want to have changing appearances, not only changing text. That can also be done by using a skin selector for instance like the one below:

<skin-family>#{facesContext.viewRoot.locale.language=='de' ? 'german' :

You can use this in the same way as I did in one of my previous posts.

However, I want the application to behave in a way that not the whole look and feel changes, but that only some country specific elements automatically change. I will not go in to the details of the application, but I will try to explain the concept, based on license plates. Imagine a car rental company with cars and offices in different countries.

Whatever country (or even state for that matter) you are in, the