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ADF 11g : Even Fancier ! Multi Master Multi Detail and how to highlight related detail records

A few weeks ago I wrote about how to highlight related detail records. That solution worked very well, but turned out to be not as fancy as expected. I needed to be able to implement multiple selection in the master as well. That turned out to be not very simple but I managed to end up with having a multi-master / multi-detail implementation.

In this post I show you how I did that.

First I had to enable multiple selection on the master table (Countries). To achieve this I had to remove the selectionListener and the selectedRowKeys. I also set rowSelection="multiple". The JSF code for the table now is :

1: <af:table rows="#{bindings.CountriesView2.rangeSize}"
2: fetchSize="#{bindings.CountriesView2.rangeSize}"
3: emptyText="#{bindings.CountriesView2.viewable ? 'No data to display.' : 'Access Denied.'}"
4: var="row"
5: value="#{bindings.CountriesView2.collectionModel}"�…

ADF 11g Quicky 4 : Where is my cursor ?

In my current project I encountered a usability issue. The users where unable to see where the cursor was located. It was flickering, but on a page with ,multiple input components it was very difficult to locate the field where the cursor was located. I decided to help them out and that proofed to be both very simple and in the end very helpful. I used skinning to give the active field a colored background.

First I defined a skin in my trinidad-config.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>
<skins xmlns="">

Next I made sure that the application uses the skin by defining it in the trinidad-…

ADF 11g : Fancy Master Detail or how to Highlight Related Detail Records

Last week I a had a rather interesting question: Is it possible to highlight related data that is in different af:table components ? Sure you can, so I decided to write a simple example application, and share the knowledge in this post.

The use Case.
After selecting a row in one table I need to highlight related rows in another table.

The implementation.
To implement this, I create a page based on ADF Business Components for Countries and Locations, both from the HR schema.
Note that, in order to make these tables behave independently, I do not use a viewlink between countries and locations.
This means that there will be no master detail relationship and that the locations table will always show all locations, not only the ones in the selected country.

The way to go here is :
a) Select 1 country in the left table
b) In the selectionListener of that country table add each and every location that is in the selected country to the selectedRowKeys of the locationsTable.

The Challenges.
The First cha…