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Search functionallity (like in oracle forms)

If you tried using the find funcionallity, then you might have noticed that it doesn't work the way it is supposed to. However, we managed to let it work in the same way that it does in Oracle-forms.

From scratch works more or less like this. Drop your view object as ADF table on the form. Add the find and execute operations. Drop the same view object on your form but now as ADF search form. Place the fields form the search form in the corresponding columns. For each #{row} field ,and the find button, set the rendered property #{bindings.testUserIterator.findMode ==false}. For each inputfield, and the execute, set the rendered property #{bindings.testUserIterator.findMode ==true}.

Now it will work.

Select the current row by just clicking on it (and little coding)

It took us some time to figure out how to select the current row in an ADF table by clicking on it, but in the end the solution is very simple.
Give your "af:tableSelectOne" an id property for instance “select_id”.Give all the columns in your table an onClick property for instance: onclick="makeCurrent(this);"Ad javascript to your page with yhe following code:document.getElementById(,":")+1)+"select_id").checked=true;Try out your page and you'll see it works. Every click on a column in your table will make the current row indead current.What this code does is working around the ADF coding for your table columns; Adf will generate the following id for an item(inputtext1) residing in the second row in your table("tab_1") on your form ("form_1") ..............(notice: zero based index)id="form_1:tab_1:1:inputText1" where ":1:" stands for the current row. You cannot (or d…

Sizing buttons

Did you ever wish all your buttons had the same size ? Well, here the solution. If you don't do anything, buttons will be sized based on the label/text that they have.

If you apply this code to your skin.css it will be better

command.button, input.button, button { width: 90pt; }

More solutions to come.......

Back again

After a long hot summer I'm back again. Next couple of weeks there will be a lot off new tips and tricks on this weblog. Some of them derived from other weblogs, some of them I found out myself with some help of my colleages. In short, there will be a lot of funny stuff about JDeveloper and ADF Faces.

In the meanwhile feel free to try this at home.......
Try to select the current row in an ADF select one Table by clicking in one of the cells....Try to export your table to a csv or excel whitout coding for a week or two....

Pro JSF and AJAX

The book was relaesed februari 2006 and it took me untill now to find it.
"Pro JSF and Ajax: Building Rich Internet Components" by John R. Fallows and Jonas Jacobi`.

"The examples are thorough and come with loads of readable code listings. In addition, many complex topics were further clarified with a good use of graphics"

ADF Developer's Guide for Forms/4GL Developers is Ready

I've been reviewing the beta release for Oracle and it is an exciting document.

Steve Meunch just announced it on his weblog ( that the guide is now finished.

"The birth of a "baby" they've been working on for many months, the ADF Developer's Guide for Forms/4GL Developers. You can find links to the HTML Format and PDF Format of this new guide on the new ADF Learning Center on OTN. You will also find the link there to the new step-by-step Oracle ADF Tutorial for Forms/4GL Developers."

Goal of my weblog: JDeveloper for forms developers

On this weblog I will try to give an overview of all the information on JDeveloper that is available on the internet. Especially information concerning Forms developers that are (thinking of) using JDeveloper.

The Information gathered all over the internet is assembled here to provide a clear overview. I will try to categorize the info so finding it will be much easier. Form there you can use the provided links to browse to the more detailed info.

Later I will publish more on technical solutions and translation issues, meaning mapping your forms skills to JDeveloper.

Luc Bors' Weblog started

Daar is ie dan eindelijk. Mijn eigen weblog. Wie weet waar dit toe gaat leiden............

And from now on in English.....
Finally there it is. My own weblog. What will the future bring....