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MAF 2.1 : Mobile Front End for Live Mobile Hacking with an OFM 12c red stack - Part I

During the closing keynote at the Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum XX in Budapest my former colleague Lucas Jellema and I delivered a live development demo. It was great fun to do. During this demo I developed an Oracle MAF frontend on top of Oracle SOA Suite 12c REST-JSON services. All in all it was a good session that was exactly delivered on-time with no errors. I think the demo gods where with us.
In this post I describe some of the details regarding the Oracle MAF part of this demo. To be more specific, how the MAF application is able to work with the REST-JSON Services. In a later post I will go into the details of how to user interface was built. The details of the SOA suite 12c Backend are described by Lucas at the AMIS Technology blog in the following posts:

Preparing ,

Implementing part - 1  and

Implementing part – 2

Before I start with the details I best describe the case first. We decided to create a tablet app that can be used by flight attendants to browse flight details, ch…