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Oracle Digital Assistant: Hooking up your chatbot to twitter.

In my previous post I described how to use node-red to interact with twitter. That post was based on some initial research which was eventually used as a basis for the post that you are reading now. For one of our projects I had to setup an Oracle Chatbot on twitter. Now as you might know, Oracle Digital Assistant supports many channels, such as web, facebook, android and iOS, but twitter is not supported. The way to expose a chatbot to a 'not supported' channel is to use a channel of the webhook type.

In this post I describe how I created a working prototype that exposes an Oracle Digital Assistant to Twitter.
The things you need for this are the following:
Twitter application which is needed to use the Twitter API's to interact with twitterA nodejs application where you code the functionalityA Digital Assistant instance to hold the BotInstallation of ngrok to test from your local machine Create a twitter application If you have an approved twitter developer account (To a…