ADF 11g PS3 : Check Uncommitted Data Behavior

In ADF 11g PS 3 ( there is a nice little feature that you can use to prevent users to leave a page when there is uncommitted data. It is called "Check Uncommitted Data Behavior" and can be used on all action components. Using it is very easy. You just drop the component from the data control pallet onto your page as a child of a command component.

The component is added to the page resulting in the following code.

Finally, you have to tell the ADF Document component that it should implement the uncommitted data warning.

When you run the page, change data, and push the button you will get a message. This will also work when navigating away from the page, refreshing the page and even when closing the browser.

Simple but useful !


Reminder said…
this solution has some limitations for example the dialog will continue to display on each further page navigation until the user either commits or rolls back their changes.
Anonymous said…
Can you change the message in the javascript alert?
Shankar's said…
Hi Luc,
Thanks for your blog its very helpful to ADF Developers as well as ADF learner too.
i have some requirements regarding querying data from table:In my Table i have one timestamps field from that field i need to search between two dates with time also.i created one search but there i am not able to get date with time it showing only date but in my case i need to search date with time also. on other hand i have only one field but in UI i want to show two fields like StartDate and EndDate from same field please give some solution
Liviu Buicea said…
Very useful!
It seems to work as expected for POJO Data Controls - no Business Components.


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