ADF 11g: My new publications.

I have had a very busy month. I spent most of my evenings writing. Writing code? Nope, writing text! It looked like it all came at the same moment. I had 3 deadlines in January, 2 of which were in the last week.

One of the things I wrote was a blog post at the AMIS blog. It was a post that I started to write some time ago, but I never took the time to finish it. It describes how to create a dynamic updateable table. An overview of my blog-posts on the AMIS technology blog can be found here:

The next one was for my own column in Optimize Magazine. As of this year (2010) I have a column about ADF in Optimize Magazine. The column is called ADF@WORK, and it is about the daily work with ADF. The first edition, which will be printed in the February issue, is about View Criteria, and how they can be used declaratively and programmatically.

And as if that was not enough, I had the opportunity to write an article for OTN about a brand new ADF feature that was announced at OOW 2009. I cannot say much about it. It will be printed at the OTN site somewhere in February. Once it is out there I will write more about it on this blog.

So all in all that’s 3 publications of which I’m proud. I hope to write a lot more this year.


JCFlack said…
I was curious about your statement that you have an article scheduled to appear in Optimize Magazine. I did a little quick research, and the only references to "Optimize Magazine" that I could find were for a magazine from the editors of Information Week that ceased publication in April 2007. Besides, it was more business related - not information for developers like you and me.
luc bors said…
Hi JCFlack,
this article in optimize magazine is in dutch. Optimize is a magazine for oracle developers.

I will try and post a translated version of the column somewhere shortly.

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