One size fits all.

I've been playing with the Jdeveloper 11G technical preview during this week and it's a lot of fun. The new ADF-Faces contains some very nice sizing components.

So from now on you don't have to try every possible size for columns and panels. Just use panelsplitters and adf tables and have your end users try for themselves. Here are some examples that I just created. If the images are too small, just click on them.....

Compare the order of the columns in the table below with the order in the table above. You can just drag and drop them runtime.

If you use the panelsplitter (click on the arrow) you can hide a pane runtime. Look below..... the menu has disappeared.

You can also resize the panels and columns. There is no coding required at all !!!
Just drag the borders to the size you want.

See here for the panels....

And here for the columns....

Finally the date select isn't a popup window anymore and that's very nice as well.

I'll be playing around for the next couple of weeks (or will it be months) and try to post as many stuff as I can. I didn't supply any code because there's no coding involved at all. But for the disbelievers.........this is all..

< >
<..f:facet name="first">
<...any stuff you like.../>
<..f:facet name="second">
<...any stuff you like.../>


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