Thursday, April 12, 2007

How to hide the * for required fields

Sometimes it is annoying to see the '*' in front of a required field.
If a customer demands the '*' to be removed, you really have a problem !
It seems to be impossible to remove it and a lot of people say that it is.....................

But here is your solution.

If you put the following line of code in your stylesheet, the '*' will not be displayed !

.xi {
display: none;

For outlining everything, you can use the ussual stuff.

More to come


Anonymous said...

hi Luc,
thats a very useful tip.
I have page with af:form where I want to hide "*" on some fields.Can this be done at field level?

luc bors said...


I'll be back in about one week !
I'm enjoying some private time with my family.

Aakar Gupta said...

i also want to hide it for a particular field only ?? How to do it ??

Anonymous said...

here is a blog entry with the solution of hiding * for specific fields:

Tokando said...

i tried to change the color of the * to red using this code

.xi {
color: Red;

but i did't work ...

what is the right code ?

Luc Bors said...

Depending on your ADF version you can use the following skinSelector:


It only works with skyros Skin (according to documentation)