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Book Review : Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple

On my way to Los Angeles (Long Beach) for KScope 2011 (12 Hours in an airplane) I had plenty of time to do some reading and writing.The book I read was an only very recently (june 2011) published ADF Book. This is not a technical deep dive into ADF, but it focuses on the process of application development. The book is written by Sten Vesterli an Oracle ACE Director and it is absolutely a good read. When reading I found myself in an environment that I recognize from the many ADF projects that I have been involved in. Many of the questions that newbie ADF Developers have are answered in this book. The book describes the development process, starting with an ADF PoC, all the way to testing, packaging and delivering the application to the end users. You also get hints on how to find more info via google. This might actually work better then providing direct URL’s for reference. Here’s a short overview of the content. Chapter 1: The ADF Proof of Concept The proof of concept chapter gi